Mozilla Bangladesh's event at Institute of Science and Technology

We (Mozilla Bangladesh) held an event at the Institute of Science and Technology(IST) Campus, Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 26th January 2013

The event was open for all. We created a Facebook event page to start the crowd gathering. During the event, there was approx. 60 attendees including IST faculties, 3 Mozilla Reps and some active community members. The volunteers decorated the venue (IST Auditorium) with Mozilla banners, balloons, posters.

Firefox OS and apps have been the talk of the town during the whole January in Bangladesh. Both Bengali and English Newspapers [1]-[3] were covering the news. So our event's key topic was "Firefox OS and apps development". The Talking points -

Mashkawat Ahsan:
Mozilla mission, Mozilla projects & technologies (bugzilla, Webmaker, SpiderMonkey etc.), Bangladesh Community, contributor engagement, how to contribute, Q&A sessions. Slide link:

Shafiul Azam:
Kickstarting Firefox OS Apps Development: Beginner's Guide for starting development of open web apps ( Intro Firefox OS, Apps, Organization, Tools, Sample apps creation, OS Simulator, Marketplace submission, Tips & Tricks, Q&A sessions. Slide link:

Aniruddha Adhikary:
Introduction to Mozilla Developer Network and valid markup (documentation, examples, best practices), Q&A sessions. Slide link:

Event Objective:
#Short-term: Awareness of the Mozilla projects, open web, applications, standards, share guidelines so that they can start building apps.
#Long-term: Arrange open web hackathon in Bangladesh, involve the local professional and armature developers.

Thanks to all the participants to keep our event warm with their anticipation [4]. It was great to be with them. Special thanks to IST authority for giving us opportunity to host the event and Md. Al-Amin Opu and his friends, Mozillian Safwan Rahman for help us coordinate the event smoothly. At the end of sessions, we chit-chat with snack packs and give away Mozilla swag :)

Thanks for reading this through.

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