Pre-Event activity: Soft launch of Mozilla Bangladesh

This are the BUET event updates -
  1. i've designed some posters with the help of Mozilla Creative Collective. We have printed and posted in different locations.
  2. Ribbons & balloons to decorate the room.
  3. Two facebook and one meetup pages are created to invite. also by twitter. BUET event's meetup page:
PS: The scheduled event in 26th sep. at Asian University Bangladesh (AUB) will be delayed. as per My visit and discussion with Mr. Rahid [2], General Secretary, computer club, AUB, dated 23th Sepember'11. It is rescheduled on 14th October'11 [3], but after a online meeting with Rahid & Ienzam on 13th Oct. 2011, this event is on hold again.


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